Packaging Translations

Packaging and label translations cover many different fields, from food products to chemical container labels to clothing washing instructions. We maintain an extensive database of existing translations of chemical and ingredient names, meaning we can translate these quickly and consistently.

At the same time we can also translate directly in many common DTP formats (e.g. InDesign), and deliver back laid-up files. This means your DTP operator does not have to mess around with “cut and paste” from an e.g. excel spreadsheet to the desired format (and the possibility of errors creeping in along the way).

For our New Zealand clients that are required to lodge a translation with the MPI, we also issue a paper copy of a certified translation that meets MPI standards.

Another service we are frequently asked to perform is reverse translations; where your distributor is translating your content themselves (e.g. packaging or promotional material) clients frequently ask us to reverse translate, to ensure that what is being said about your product/service is accurate and realistic.