Foreign Language PPC and SEO

Multilingual online marketing, including PPC and SEO, is a core service. We support a wide range of languages, including European (French, German, Italian etc.) and Asian languages (Chinese, Thai, Japanese etc.).

When entering into online marketing these are several factors that should be considered.

Prior to anything else, site design and site coding needs to be a part of the overall process. There are significant differences in approaches to site design that are culturally and linguistically specific. For example, in China, to a European eye, websites typically look extremely crowded and cluttered. But this has a lot to do with the way the language is constructed, as well as design preferences.

It is also important to note that it is not just Google to consider. In Japan Yahoo still has a significant market share, in China Baidu, in Russia Yandex etc. etc. And each engine has its own specific requirements for good quality indexing. Google basically ignores the keywords meta tag these days, yet for Baidu it is extremely important. And while Google can index JavaScript, Baidu cannot. All of these are important points to consider.

Keyword research is the next step, and should be done BEFORE any translation is started. This is because both linguistic and cultural differences will have an impact on the language used in searches in your target language(s). The results of the keyword research may lead to complete re-purposing of page content or the development of new pages to target unexpected but relevant key phrases.

Only once these steps have been undertaken and the relevant decisions made should the site design and content translation be undertaken.